Workplace Monologues Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many characters does Anike perform?

Anike may perform anywhere from one composite character in single monologue to up to five characters in a lengthy performance piece. Each solo performance is unique and tailor made to your organization.

Q: Who does Anike interview?

YOU select a group of successful leaders currently working at your company or firm or those who may have moved on from the business. 

Q: Why are these Monologues helpful?

The high performers in your organization are usually busy working, not talking. Still others may not have a direct communication style or perhaps hold a minority view that is being overlooked. Anike acts as a conduit to amplify different perspectives and is especially good at capturing the essence of multiple voices and bringing those voices to the forefront to reveal business acumen and critical information.

Q: What kind of issues do the Monologues explore?

The characters discuss such things as opportunity allocation, risk taking, embracing the uncomfortable, client access and development, and the significance of mentorship and effective inclusive leadership.

Q: What else do the Monologues do?

The monologues also:

  • Emphasize strategy and tools that women professionals and professionals of color have employed to advance and feel fulfilled in their careers.
  • Serve as a catalyst for action by identifying and reinforcing actions leaders can take to support the success of talented and high achieving women professionals and professionals of color.
  • Increase recognition of unintentional, unconscious bias, micro inequities, and other diversity issues that women and people of color face in the workplace.
  • Invite participants to take part in live performance and enjoy the experience
Q: Who benefits from the performances?

Everyone can benefit:

  • Business / Firm Leaders and Directors
  • Diversity Professionals
  • Human Resources Administration Personnel
  • YOU!